The Bread of Life is commonly known as the “Bread of Life Food Pantry”.

When it was created 27 years ago by Bishop Vernon Strickland of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church here in Buffalo, it was called “Bread of Life”. People associated with the Bread of Life either directly or indirectly have added “Food Pantry” for clarity; Thus giving the Bread of Life an unintended purpose.

The Bread of Life food pantry provides a supplement to a households' general grocery purchases. The Bread of Life is a food mission.


The Bread of Life food pantry, here in Buffalo, Wyoming tries to maintain dignity and respect to all who visit.  The Bread of Life can provide a household with many things, including:

Nutrition is important to the Bread of Life, and is at the front of the purchasing program.  Most of our products are examined and purchased with nutrition and value in mind.  Not all nutritious products have the dollar value the Bread of Life can afford to purchase.  That's where we reach out, and our generous community steps in!

Inside the Food Pantry - Shopping Area
Inside the Food Pantry - Shopping Area
Outside the Food Pantry - Parking Area